Dr Michalis

Kostas is now Dr Michalis

28th Mar 2017 by Innes Cuthill

Ben Hogan is off to Princeton

Ben Hogan secures a postdoc at the Stoddard Lab in Princeton

26th Jan 2017 by Innes Cuthill

3D camouflage in a dinosaur

New paper in Current Biology, recreating 3D camouflage in Psittacosaurus from exceptional fossil remains.

15th Sep 2016 by Innes Cuthill

New paper on background complexity

New paper by Xiao & Cuthill

14th Sep 2016 by Innes Cuthill

Workshop on animal coloration

Innes Cuthill, Laszlo Talas and Nick Roberts attend 2 day workshop in Berlin.

25th May 2016 by Innes Cuthill

New dazzle paper

Just published in PLoS ONE.

24th May 2016 by Camo Lab

Innes talks in a pub

Innes Talked about 'Deception in Animals' in the  Smoke & Mirrors pub & magic theatre, Bristol. This was part of the Speakezee science talk series.

29th Apr 2016 by Innes Cuthill

Papers on countershading

Two papers on countershading with collaborators in St. Andrews and Abertay.

29th Apr 2016 by Innes Cuthill

New BBSRC grant

New grant on warning coloration working with friends in St. Andrews, Newcastle and Dundee.

29th Apr 2016 by Innes Cuthill

Zurück aus Deutschland

Back from Germany.

29th Apr 2016 by Innes Cuthill

New paper

"Perceiving polarization with the naked eye: characterization of human polarization sensitivity" has just come out in Proc R Soc B.

1st Jul 2015 by Camo Lab

CamoLab Research Presented in Florida!

CamoLab's Olivia flew to Florida this May, to present her work on human camouflage and eyetracking. 

27th May 2015 by Olivia Matthews

Beer and science

Innes talks at Pint of Science festival

12th May 2015 by Innes Cuthill

More posts available in Camolab

3 Post-doc positions and a lab technican job available NOW!

4th Apr 2015 by Innes Cuthill

Positions available in CamoLab

Postdoc, RA position and PhD studentship available, all to work on the Camomachine.

18th Mar 2015 by Nick Scott-Samuel

New paper

"Moving in groups: how density and unpredictable motion affect predation risk" has just come out in Behavioural Ecology & Sociobiology.

27th Feb 2015 by Nick Scott-Samuel

CamoCon 2015

CamoCon 2015 will take place in Liverpool on 23 August 2015, as a satellite meeting to the European Conference on Visual Perception. book early to avoid disappointment!

27th Feb 2015 by Nick Scott-Samuel

Frogs of French Guiana

Jim Barnett & Konstantinos Michalis have returned from their fieldwork in French Guiana where they were studying the colouration of frogs.

16th Feb 2015 by Camo Lab

Abstract Accepted to Vision Sciences Society

Olivia's abstract has been accepted to this year's Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting.

2nd Feb 2015 by Olivia Matthews

Dr. Xiao

Congratulations to Maple on her successful PhD viva

29th Jan 2015 by Camo Lab

New grant

Grant awarded to fund the "Camouflage Machine".

6th Jan 2015 by Camo Lab

Distance-dependent defensive coloration

Barnett & Cuthill paper

16th Dec 2014 by Innes Cuthill

Innes gives Tinbergen lecture

Innes Cuthil gave the 2014 Tinbergen lecture of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour





6th Dec 2014 by Camo Lab

Jim and Kostas make it to Cayenne!

French Guiana fieldwork.

1st Dec 2014 by Innes Cuthill

Big grant

New grant on iridescence

24th Sep 2014 by Innes Cuthill

Paper in PNAS

News on new publication in PNAS

24th Sep 2014 by Innes Cuthill

Camouflage page on ARKIVE

Camouflage page on Arkive

16th Sep 2014 by Ben Hogan

Trip to Coimbra

Trip to Coimbra

14th Sep 2014 by Innes Cuthill

Bird sense

Royal Society meeting on avian sensory biology.

14th Sep 2014 by Innes Cuthill

CamoLab at Animal Behaviour

Jim Barnett, Laszlo Talas and Ben Hogan travel to the USA to present their work at the animal behaviour conferences ISBE2014 and ABS2014.

8th Sep 2014 by Camo Lab

Konstantinos Upgrades to Ph.D.

Congratulations to Konstantinos (Kostas) on successfully upgrading to Ph.D.

3rd Sep 2014 by Camo Lab

CamoLab Take Serbia by Storm

Nick, Laszlo, Tim, Ben and Olivia present their most recent findings at this year's European Conference on Visual Perception. 

3rd Sep 2014 by Olivia Matthews

CamoLab go to Japan

Nick, Laszlo and Olivia presented their most recent findings at this year's Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision. 

18th Aug 2014 by Olivia Matthews

Only 4 days till ISBE14!

Following Camo Lab’s recent showcasing at APCV, we are very much looking forward to our symposium at another four letter conference: ISBE in New York!

29th Jul 2014 by Camo Lab

Dazzling Liverpool

Dazzle ship news

16th Jun 2014 by Innes Cuthill

Charles and Maita Frank Endowment for Science Students

Olivia has been awarded the Charles and Maita Frank Endowment for Science Students, by the University of Bristol Alumni Association.

19th May 2014 by Olivia Matthews

BVI Young Researcher's Colloquium

Multiple members of the CamoLab have been accepted to attend this year's Young Researcher's Colloquium! 

16th May 2014 by Olivia Matthews

ECVP 2014

Nick, Laszlo, Tim and Olivia have all had their abstracts accepted to this year's European Conference of Visual Perception!

16th May 2014 by Olivia Matthews

Vision Leads to Action 2014

Olivia has been accepted to present her research titled, "Human Visual Search Performance for Camouflage Petterns" at this year's Vision Leads to Action conference in Birmingham.

15th May 2014 by Olivia Matthews

APCV 2014

Olivia Matthews has been awarded the APCV student travel grant, to attend this year's APCV.

6th May 2014 by Olivia Matthews

AVA appointment

Nick Scott-Samuel has become the Secretary of the AVA.

28th Apr 2014 by Camo Lab

Tropical Fieldwork

Jim Barnett, Nick Scott-Samuel and Innes Cuthill have been awarded a grant for tropical fieldwork in French Guiana.

19th Apr 2014 by Camo Lab

ISBE 2014

Laszlo Talas and Jim Barnett have been awarded ISBE travel grants to attend this year's ISBE2014 conference.

19th Apr 2014 by Jim Barnett

ACRS 2014

Jim Barnett presenting at the Amphibian Conservation Research Symposium 2014.

17th Apr 2014 by Jim Barnett

Visit to Finland

Karin Kjernsmo's PhD defence at Abo University, Finland

15th Apr 2014 by Innes Cuthill

Camo Lab featured on BBC website

Camo Lab research cited by BBC iWonder website.

17th Feb 2014 by Camo Lab

Trip to Kyoto

Funded by University of Bristol and Kyoto University, Olivia and László have visited Professor Hiroshi Ashida's vision lab at Kyoto University in Japan. The aim of the visit was to start international collaborations between Camo Lab and Kyoto, with a special interest in the effects of camouflage on a cognitive level. Professor Ashida's group has been investigating the human brain's processing of visual stimuli using fMRI scanners for years, hence we sought their expertise.

19th Jan 2013 by Camo Lab