Dr Konstantinos Michalis


My field of study is animal colouration and how animals utilize it for different purposes such as concealment, communication and sexual signalling.

My work focuses on background matching in a heterogeneous environment. Species that live in a complex environment with many different backgrounds which they can use, should have an optimal colour and pattern that renders them capable of blending sufficiently in the majority of those backgrounds. I am using methods to determine which that optimal colour and pattern is.


I studied Biology (BSc) at the University of Patras from where I graduated in February 2013. My undergraduate research project was focused on the distribution of the species of Amphibians in the protected area of Strofilia Forest - Kotichi Wetland Natural Park.

I just started my second year of my PhD at the University of Bristol. I am trying to determine the optimal camouflage (colour and pattern) which fits the best in a complex natural environment.

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