Camouflage: New insights from interdisciplinary collaboration - ISBE 2014 Symposium

As part of this year’s International Society for Behavioral Ecology congress (ISBE2014) Jim Barnett, László Tálas and Anna Hughes (Cambridge, UK) will be hosting a symposium showcasing recent developments in camouflage research stemming from collaboration with psychology, physics, computer science and other scientific disciplines. To highlight the scope of the field, we wish to present camouflage in a wide range of species, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and humans. To do so, we assembled a presenting team of early career scientists whose work branch beyond traditional biological research.



2-4pm: Saturday 2nd August 2014

Assembly Hall

Hunter College

New York, USA.



14.00 – James B Barnett (University of Bristol, UK)

Camouflage of conspicuous signals


14.20 – Kate Marshall (University of Cambridge, UK)

Wall lizards display conspicuous signals to conspecifics and reduce detection by avian predators


14.40 – Parrish Brady (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

The polaro-cryptic mirror: a biological adaptation for open-ocean camouflage


15.00 – Anna Hughes (University of Cambridge, UK)

Methods and mechanisms of motion dazzle


15.20 – Jolyon Troscianko (University of Exeter, UK)

Edge disruption and survival in wild ground nesting birds


15.40 – László Tálas (University of Bristol)

Feathers, tiger stripes, paintbrushes and pixels: what can biologists learn from human camouflage?


We will be live tweeting from @Camo_Lab

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