Arina (Yuqian) Huang


My MSc(R) research focuses on investigating the adaptive significance of the facultative tail flagging behaviour in wild European rabbits. My work involves using a video camera to record rabbits' escape and tail-flagging behaviour towards taxidermic terrestrial predators (e.g. fox, cat, and stoat). I will investigate whether the conspicuous, flashing white tails are signalling towards predators or conspecifics, and the function of such signal. 


I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2022 with a BA in Natural Sciences (first-class hons). Early in my undergraduate degree, I became fascinated with animal colouration and its purpose in animal communication. I spent the summer of my first-year undergraduate degree working with Professor Tim Caro on the functions of zebra stripes in the interaction with horseflies. I also worked closely with butterflies and looked into the function of eyespot patterns on butterfly wings in predator-prey interactions during my undergraduate degree. In September 2022, I joined CamoLab to start my MSc(R) under the supervision of Professors Tim Caro and Innes Cuthill.


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