Mr Ioan Smart


I study ethology and sensory ecology, exploring both the biological and psychological aspects of sensation and their influence upon behaviours. I am presently investigating aspects of motion and camouflage to see precisely the interactions between movement patterns and camouflage strategies. Subsequently I aim to investigate the best strategy to minimise the probability of detection of an organism, whilst it moves between two locales (i.e. from A to B).


In the summer of 2016, I completed my BSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol with a 2:1 (honours). Therein, I completed several research projects, focussing more specifically on the subjects of sensory biology and behavioural ecology.

“How well do Humans, Homo sapiens, localise pre-recorded Dunnock, Prunella modularis, seep calls when modulated in pitch and repetition”
Supervised by Prof. Andy Radford & Prof. Innes Cuthill

“Investigating the physical and acoustic anti-predatory behaviours of the garden tiger moth (Arctia caja) and the Forbes’ silkmoth (Rothschildia forbesi)”
Supervised by Dr. Marc Holderied

“How do variations in payoff (to the group versus the individual and to the direct versus the indirect) affect collective intelligence?”
Supervised by Dr. Christos Ioannou

I have benefited from the tutoring and support of Professor Innes Cuthill throughout my Bachelor’s degree; I continue to work with him, as well as Dr. Nick Scott-Samuel on my current projects.


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