Camo Lab at Animal Behaviour

ISBE 2014

Jim and László, along with Anna Hughes (University of Cambridge, UK) hosted the symposium session 'Camouflage: New insights from interdisciplinary collaborations' at this year's International Society for Behavioral Ecology conference in New York City. 

Jim presented his recent work on how camouflage and aposematism can interact in animal colour patterns, and Laszlo talked about the parallel processes in the development of biological and military camouflage patterns.


ABS 2014

Ben, László and Jim attended the Animal Behavior Society conference at Princeton University, where Ben presented his recent research into camouflage and the confusion effect.

A big thank you to everyone at ISBE and ABS, and especially to our symposium speakers.

It was great to meet so many interesting people at both conferences.

Presenters at our symposium

Presenters at our symposium

Posted on 8th Sep 2014