Frogs of French Guiana

Jim Barnett & Konstantinos Michalis have returned from French Guiana having successfully completed their work into frog colouration.

Jim and Kostas spent 60 days in the Nouragues Nature Reserve, French Guiana, where they were studying the defensive colouration of the poison frog Dendrobates tinctorius (Dendrobatidae), the leaf toad Rhinella margaritifera (Bufonidae) and the glass frog Teratohyla midas (Centrolenidae).

Top (left-right): Dendrobates tinctorius, Rhinella margaritifera, Kostas photographing a camouflaged frog. Bottom (left-right): Teratohyla midas, Atelopus flavescens, Jim photographing the leaf litter background.

Top (left-right): Dendrobates tinctoriusRhinella margaritifera, Kostas photographing a camouflaged frog. Bottom (left-right): Teratohyla midasAtelopus flavescens, Jim photographing the leaf litter background. (Photos by Jim Barnett & Konstantinos Michalis)

This work is supported by a grants from Labex-CEBA & the University of Bristol.

Our thanks to all those who helped in arranging this work both in and out of the field.

Posted on 16th Feb 2015