Positions available in Camo Lab

A three-year Postdoc, a 31-month Research Assistant position and a three-year PhD studentship are available at the University of Bristol, UK. The successful applicants will join an interdisciplinary group researching camouflage.

The EPSRC- and QinetiQ-funded project is “The "Camouflage Machine": optimising patterns for camouflage and visibility”. The Principal Investigators on the project are Nick Scott-Samuel (Experimental Psychology), Roland Baddeley (Experimental Psychology) and Innes Cuthill (Biological Sciences).

The project will combine machine learning, visual psychophysics and computer graphics to either optimise camouflage or maximise visibility for a range of different environments.

The postdoc work will include the following responsibilities: designing, programming and running psychophysical experiments on human subjects; analysis and modelling of the data from these experiments; dissemination of the experimental findings, via conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications. Previous experience of these topics is not required, but a reasonable level of programming and mathematical skills, together with the willingness to learn, is required.

The RA will be responsible for collecting and analysing data from a large number of subjects, and will ideally have previous experience in human or animal visual testing, preferably psychophysical. As well as recruiting and testing, the appointee will be responsible for helping to write up and present the data.

The PhD student will use the Camouflage Machine to optimise both camouflage and signalling for military uniforms, i.e. both concealment and recognisability. The student will also look into how camouflage can interfere with capture, as opposed to detectability.


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Posted on 18th Mar 2015