Workshop on animal coloration

The Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Institute of Advanced Studies) hosted speakers from all over the world in a workshop on animal coloration organised by Tim Caro (UC Davis). Bristol was represented by Innes Cuthill and László Tálas from Camo Lab, and Nick Roberts from the Ecology of Vision group. Ex-Bristol PhD students Martin Stevens (Exeter) and Will Allen (Swansea) were also there, along with Kevin Arbuckle (University of Liverpool, UK), Tim Caro (UC Davis, USA), Mark Hauber (Hunter College, New York, USA), Geoff Hill (Auburn University, USA), Nina Jablonski (Penn State University, USA), Chris Jiggins (University of Cambridge, UK), Almut Kelber (Lund University, Sweden), Johanna Mappes (Jyväskylä University, Finland), Justin Marshall (Queensland University, Australia), Richard Merrill (University of Cambridge, UK), Daniel Osorio (Sussex University, UK), Rick Prum (Yale University, USA), Alex Roulin (Lausanne University, Switzerland), Hannah Rowland (University of Cambridge, UK),  Tom Sherratt (Carleton University, Canada), John Skelhorn (Newcastle University, UK), Mike Speed (University of Liverpool, UK), Cassie Stoddard (Harvard University, but soon moving to Princeton, USA), Devi Stuart-Fox (University of Melbourne, Australia), and Liz Tibbetts (University of Michigan, USA).

Posted on 25th May 2016